Orto botanico

Via Oberdan

Istituito nel 1828 da Vincenzo Ottaviani, l’Orto botanico merita una visita. Vi si accede anche dalla facoltà di Giurisprudenza, scendendo una scala a chiocciola di 106 gradini fatta costruire nel 1568 da Pio V.

Orario: lun.-ven. 9-13 e 15-17; sab. e dom. su prenotazione.
Visita il sito: www.ortobotanicoitalia.it/

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Botanical Gardens
The botanical gardens are at the foot of the Southern walls, near the arch named after Caterina Cybo and the old walls that protect it from the North wind; in winter, the bricks are heated by the sun’s rays and the garden is well protected from frost. Inaugurated in 1828 by Vincenzo Ottaviani, it is worth visiting. It can also be reached from the Faculty of Law by descending a 106 step spiral staircase built in 1568 by Pio V. Despite its relatively small size, (it measures one hectare), the entire garden is not visible at a glance: hidden corners mean new discoveries are always being made, thus contributing to an atmosphere akin to that of an enchanted garden. Slopes planted with secular trees, a corner for medicinal plants, greenhouses with exotic plants and a space for geraniums give moments of pleasant well-being.
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 9-13 e 15-17; Saturday and Sunday please book in advance.